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Grill Like a Pro!

With Original Red & Chipotle Sauces – The Ultimate Grilling Tools

Make cookouts extra delicious with the aged-pepper taste of Original Red and the smoky BBQ goodness of our Chipotle Sauce! Put bottles within arm’s reach of the grill and on the table, too, so everyone can shake on their favorite TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavor to taste. From marinades, dry rubs and bastes to dipping sauces, cocktails and desserts, check out our tips & recipes below for filling your summer with flavor!

Original Red Sauce Chipotle Sauce

Wing Sauce:
Simple Tastes Best!

Combine our Original Red Sauce with your favorite BBQ sauce and toss with grilled wings.

Skip the Salad –
Get Your Veggies
on the Grill!

Baste ’em with a smoky mixture of melted butter and our Chipotle Sauce and everyone will want seconds.

Marinades – Get

Marinate chicken in some cola mixed with our Chipotle Sauce and a bit of BBQ sauce.

Burgers: TABASCO®
Isn’t Just a Condiment –
It’s an Ingredient!

Mix our Chipotle Sauce into your ground beef to make the smokiest, juiciest burgers ever.

Dry Rubs: First, Splash

It adds an amazing layer of flavor, plus it helps the dry spices stick. Use our Chipotle Sauce with ground coffee and garlic as a rub for flank or skirt steak.

Kabobs – Kids Love ’Em!

Kids of all ages, that is. What is it about those little bites of meat, seafood or veggies on sticks, with their fun dipping sauces? Use TABASCO® to baste while grilling and to kick up homemade or bottled dipping sauce.

Meats, Meet Fruit:

Make an easy fruit salsa to jazz up grilled meat with exotic flavor combinations. For smoky salsas, roast firm fruits like pineapple on the grill and season with our Chipotle Sauce.

BBQ on a Budget:

Grill an inexpensive – but perfectly seasoned – cut of meat and pair it with lots of hearty side dishes. Check out our authentic Mexican fiesta spread featuring grilled skirt steak and onions, tortillas, fresh salsas and more.

Salsa, Meet Dessert!

Salsas are versatile toppings that can also dress up desserts! A light fruit salsa over ice cream is super easy – and sure to be a hit at any cookout.

Spice Up Summer Drinks!

What’s more refreshing than an ice-cold beer on a summer day? An ice-cold, fruity, spicy beer sangria! Mix it by the pitcher and watch it disappear.