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We believe the ingredients to a meaningful career include innovation, expertise and community, all of which we offer here at McIlhenny Company. Think you have what it takes to work around our world-famous TABASCO® Brand products? Check out our current openings.

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Rooted in Tradition, Ready for Our Future

TABASCO® Brand products are made by McIlhenny Company, founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. Our success is based on rich traditions, our focus on flavor, and our family of team members. We craft our TABASCO® Brand Original Red Sauce today much like we did in 1868, using our secret recipe and carefully blending three key ingredients—peppers, salt and vinegar. Clearly, we know the value of sticking to the recipe.

Still, every good chef knows the importance of mixing it up. And since our products are labeled in over 20 languages and dialects and shipped to over 190 countries and territories all over the world, literally millions of people use our iconic TABASCO® Brand products to add a little kick to their dishes. As we look toward the future of our brand we know the time is right to add a little kick to our company. There’s room for innovation alongside all of our rich traditions, and a need to find creative solutions to new problems.

We are proud of where we’ve been and excited by where we’re going. Are you someone who can appreciate the lessons of the past as we invent the future? Will you help move us forward?

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Why TABASCO® Brand?

Benefits and Beyond

Working for the TABASCO® Brand means you’re surrounded by family. This means “family” in the literal sense—we have generations of family members, including our CEO, working here every day. But it also means “family” in the figurative sense. Our team is a family that wants you to grow and succeed. A family that cares about your health and well-being, and the well-being of our environment and the community around you. Our comprehensive “Benefits and Beyond” package ensures every member of our employee family feels valued and challenged and is a part of our efforts to protect and grow the world around us.

  • Generous health, dental and vision benefits: Comparatively low monthly health care premiums and competitive prescription plan.
    • In accordance with federal Transparency In Coverage (TiC) disclosure requirements, the Company has engaged UnitedHealthcare to publish Machine-Readable Files that include healthcare cost information required under the TiC rules. These files have been published online on the Company’s behalf and can be reviewed at the following web link:
  • Life insurance: One-and-a-half times your base salary in free term life insurance.
  • Economic Value Added Incentive Plan (EVA): A bonus plan that provides a direct link between the company’s performance and your compensation, above and beyond salary, based on company performance.
  • Retirement: Our 401k plan matches 50% of your 401k plan contributions, up to the first 6% deferred, up to 3% of your gross income.
  • Paid time off for holidays, vacation and personal days.

First I learned about the company and the great job, and then I found out about the amazing health benefits and low employee costs. That sold me.

—one year employee—

  • Employee Enrichment Program: Relationship, Engagement and Discovery (RED) are the three pillars that drive our culture and are the building blocks for a positive employee experience. We help our employees develop themselves beyond the job through our RED Program. This includes RED Reads (book group), RED Talks (speaker series), and RED Cares (community service and volunteer program).
  • Only-at-TABASCO Adventures:
    • Each year, our employees are invited to help plant the season’s crop of heirloom peppers on Avery Island. This keeps our entire team connected to our manufacturing process, our product, our land and one another.
    • Our company-wide activities and festivities for families and friends are legendary: A Halloween party complete with a haunted house and bonfire, a festive Easter Egg Hunt for our employees and their families, an annual 4th of July celebration, and more.
  • Comprehensive Onboarding Process: Our new hires take advantage of an innovative onboarding plan that puts them in the driver’s seat of learning the ropes of their new job, our business and the keys to success.
  • Employees Enjoy:
    • Easy access to our Avery Island “1868 Restaurant”, which offers everything from sandwiches to southern Louisiana cuisine . . .and of course, a wide array of TABASCO® Brand products to try!
    • Free membership at our Avery Island gym, including free yoga classes during and after work hours.
    • A discount at our Country Store, which sells our world-famous TABASCO® Brand merchandise, foods, flavorings and more.

You can really be yourself at Tabasco. They know that if you’re comfortable, you’ll do your best for the company.

—16 year employee—


  • Protecting our environment means everything to our company, because our success is only sustainable if Avery Island is as well. As we like to say: the land has been good to us, so we are good to it.
  • Our commitment to conservation is as old as our company. In the late 1800s, company President E.A. McIlhenny founded a private bird sanctuary on Avery Island to protect the snowy egret population that returns to the island each year to nest. By 1920, his “Bird City” had expanded to a 170-acre wildlife refuge called Jungle Gardens. Today, Jungle Gardens is home to thousands of egrets and other bird species, as well as local wildlife such as alligators, deer, armadillo, and raccoons that live in the surrounding marshlands.
  • We still actively engage in efforts to protect the biodiversity of Jungle Gardens and the marshes that surround our Island. We are one of the founding members of the Rainey Conservation Alliance (RAC) along with the National Audubon Society, Vermillion Corporation and local landowners in the surrounding area.  RAC came together to focus on marsh conservation in the areas which includes the Paul Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary, a 26,000-acre refuge in Vermillion Parish that is home to alligators, deer, muskrat, otter and geese.  The Rainey Refuge is focused on providing safe and healthy habitats for waterfowl and other endemic species.
  • Each year we work with local partners and our summer crews to plant new, indigenous grasses to build a more protective marsh for the local and migrating species.
  • We make decisions that show our commitment to the environment and sustainability every day in the following ways:
    • We prioritize the regional sourcing of materials, resulting in reduced environmental impact.
    • We manufacture and bottle using glass instead of plastic, whenever possible.
    • Seeds and pepper sauce run-off are used for in other products and seasonings.
    • Organic waste matter from our manufacturing process, such as pepper skins, are used for compost.
    • Discarded barrels are used to build fences and tables enjoyed by our guests and team members all over the island.  They are also made into wood chips sold at our Country Store.
    • We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of the business to try to reduce our environmental footprint.
    • We have published a Sustainability Report that we share with family members, employees and key customers and are working to set new goals and strategies around water and energy use.

I fell in love with the company the first time I visited years ago. Avery Island is breathtaking, and seeing how the product is made never gets old.

—5 year employeee—


  • Every spring and fall we host a company blood drive to help save lives in our community.
  • We support local charities through product donations and financial support.
  • Our RED Cares program includes community service and volunteer opportunities for our employees. For example, during the COVID 19 pandemic, we partnered with restaurants to deliver our products to hospitals, frontline workers and first responders.
  • Also during COVID-19, we partnered with the New Orleans Saints and the Greater New Orleans Community Foundation to establish a fund to assist the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry workforce during the shut-downs in the New Orleans area.

We believe that sustainability is part of everyone’s job, not just mine.

—CEO Harold “Took” Osborn—

To show our commitment to our family of employees, some employee benefits extend to their family members as well:

  • Housing on Avery Island: Based on availability, McIlhenny Company employees and their families have the opportunity to live on the island in company-owned housing at below-market rates. This benefits families while also building a stronger community.
  • Summer Jobs Program: Each summer, a number of our employees’ children have the opportunity to work on Avery Island in entry-level positions. This helps them gain real-world work experience while helping us drive our business forward.
  • College Scholarships: The Gustaf W. McIlhenny Foundation awards merit-based college scholarships to children of McIlhenny Company employees each year.
  • Summer Camp: For our employees’ younger children, we offer an annual summer camp where kids can swim in the Blue Hole, enjoy ice cream from our Deli, and take advantage of all the other summer delights on Avery Island!

We know that we’ll do anything for Tabasco, because this company will do anything for us.

—4th generation employee—

“This company welcomed me with open arms. It truly is like a family – everyone is there for me, and I feel like they have my back.”
– A Recent Hire –