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Spicy Smoked Salmon

Spicy Smoked Salmon

Makes 6 servings (12 appetizer servings).
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Recipe uses Original Red Sauce
Original Red Sauce
Spicy Smoked Salmon


1 (2-pound) salmon fillet with skin, about 1-inch thick
1/4 cup coarse salt
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon garlic powder
4 cups hardwood chips, such as mesquite or hickory
Lemon wedges
Italian parsley sprigs


Remove small pin bones from salmon. Brush salmon with 1 teaspoon TABASCO® Sauce.

Combine salt, brown sugar and garlic powder in small bowl. Sprinkle mixture on both sides of salmon. Cover; refrigerate at least 6 hours or overnight.

Soak wood chips in water, at least 30 minutes, before smoking.*

Rinse salmon under cold water. Cut piece of foil 1 inch longer than salmon. Grease foil. With fork, poke holes in about 6 places. Place salmon, skin-side down, on foil. Brush top of salmon with remaining 1 teaspoon TABASCO® Sauce.

Place foil with salmon on grill rack. Cover grill; smoke 25 to 30 minutes, until salmon is firm and fish flakes easily with fork. An instant-read thermometer should read 140º F in thickest part of salmon. Add 1/2 cup wood chips after 15 minutes of smoking, if necessary.

To serve, carefully invert salmon onto serving platter. Peel off foil; discard skin. Carefully invert salmon. Garnish with lemon wedges and parsley sprigs.

*If using gas grill:Preheat gas grill to high. Drain wood chips; place chips in smoker box or place in a 4 x 4-inch aluminum-foil pan. Place smoker box or foil pan on briquettes on one end of grill. Reduce grill temperature to low.

If using charcoal:Prepare coals. Drain wood chips; place chips in smoker box or place in a 4 x 4-inch aluminum-foil pan. Carefully push coals to one side and place smoker box or foil pan on opposite side of coals.

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Original Red Sauce

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Original Red Sauce