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TABASCO® Sauce Flavor Is Made for Bloody Marys!

Bloody Marys spiked with TABASCO® Sauce are a cocktail classic we always love – and the variations are endless! When it’s time to mix them up, our Bloody Mary Mixes and Pepper Sauce flavors are essential ingredients – and a great place to start getting creative. Just try our recipes and taste what we mean!

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Party Idea: Bloody Mary Bar

Create a “Build Your Bloody Mary” Bar at your next get-together for a whole new level of flavor & fun. Get ideas for liquors, mixers and toppings in our Bloody Mary Bar Essentials.

TABASCO® Bloody Mary Mixes

Crafted with
aged red peppers.

Mix a perfect Bloody Mary the easy way! Made with peppers aged up to 3 years in oak barrels, our Bloody Mary Mixes have no alcohol, preservatives or highly processed ingredients and are bursting with the Original Red flavor you know & love. Choose Mildly Seasoned (Original) or Extra Spicy.