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TABASCO® Brand x Banza


TABASCO® Brand teamed up with Banza, maker of high-protein pasta and pizza, for a collaboration that fired up millions of pizza-eaters. “Hotter by the Bite” is a limited-edition pizza that challenged the palates of spice lovers.

“Hotter By The Bite” featured Banza’s high-protein, gluten-free pizza crust topped with two custom pizza sauces, using TABASCO® Brand Sauces in the recipe. The Scoville level rises with every bite, starting with the classic taste of TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce in the center of the pie. The heat reaches its peak just as the pizza fan reaches the crust, with an intense ring of TABASCO® Brand Scorpion Sauce, our hottest flavor. Relief comes with the last bite in the form of Banza’s crispy, doughy crust.

50 million adult pizza eaters in the U.S. reported adding hot sauce to their pizza and the Banza x TABASCO® Brand “Hotter by the Bite” collab added an extra kick to their experience.

Banza x TABASCO® Brand “Hotter by the Bite” pizzas were available for a limited time on

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