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Football Food Made Easy!

TABASCO® makes it delicious – at home or at the game

Whether tailgating or homegating, take it easy on game day! With our no-fuss recipes & time-saving tips, roll out a tasty spread seasoned with the aged-pepper flavor of Original Red & the smoky goodness of our Chipotle Sauce – and still have time to cheer for your team! Here’s the first tip: set out extra TABASCO® bottles for seasoning eats & drinks to taste!

Micheladas for Kickoff!

Beer cocktails don’t get any more delicious than this smoky, spicy Cielo Rojo Michelada made with our Chipotle Sauce. For tailgating, mix the juices and seasonings in a bottle or jar and combine with ice and beer at the game. Remember to bring limes and salt!

Roll Out the Dips

Nothing fires up a football party like a crowd-pleasing hot dip. Try our Spicy Spinach & Artichoke Dip made with Original Red, or add some smoke to the fire with our Smoky Black Bean Dip or Sweet & Smoky Onion Dip. Or just stir TABASCO® into any packaged dip for extra flavor!

Just Wing It!

Wings with deep smokehouse flavor you can make in no time flat. They’ll fly off the plate! Marinate in a resealable bag & toss on the grill for the game.

Food on a Stick

The key to tailgating is keeping it simple & organized. As in, you can organize bite-size chicken into neat little rows on a stick! Prep ahead, grill, then dip & eat while still holding your drink!

More Thrill on the Grill!

That instant burst of flavor is a tailgating essential! Use Original Red & Chipotle Sauces to make simple marinades & meat rubs, to baste meats & veggies while grilling, or for dipping sauces & spreads.

Battle of the Salsas

Football is a competition. So is salsa. Have at least two to taste so your crew can take sides! If you buy salsa, stir in some Original Red for authentic flavor. Better yet, make Traditional Pico & Roasted Tomato Salsa in a mere few minutes!

Popcorn Is Still Hot!

Good ole’ popcorn never goes out of style & makes a great munchie if you’re drinking beer & cocktails. Pop it ahead or even on the grill! Top with Original Red in melted butter or sprinkle on our Spicy Salt.

Cocktails by the Batch!

Remember our half-gallon jugs of TABASCO®? They come in handy for make-ahead drinks! Mornings belong to the classic Bloody Mary spiced with Original Red. Halftime is time for Smoky Beer Sangria with Chipotle Sauce.

Pour It On!

That’s right – Original Red and Chipotle are now available in easy-pour half-gallon jugs, perfect for rocking big batches of marinade, wing sauce – or bloody marys!

A 1-Step Completion!

Buy packaged hummus, stir in our Chipotle Sauce for a unique smoky flavor – and you’re done! Check out our whole roster of 1-Step Ideas for enhancing condiments, sauces, dips & more.

Kick Up a Classic

Mix Chipotle Sauce into plain burger meat for deep smokehouse flavor & mild pepper heat in each bite. Form patties at home, layer in waxed paper & toss on the grill. Pack burger toppings in one big container to serve as the “burger bar.”

Re-Heat & Eat!

Slow-cook this easy pulled pork ahead of time & transfer to a foil pan that you can place right on the grill to reheat. Serve on sandwich rolls with a side of coleslaw & you’ve got a hearty meal!

Tackle Sides in No Time

Don’t underestimate what TABASCO® can do for store-bought sides. Stir Original Red into coleslaw for a red-pepper kick, or mix our Chipotle Sauce & crumbled bacon into deli potato salad. Even better, make Bacon & Chipotle Potato Salad the day before!

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