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Everybody Loves Chili!

Kick up your favorite chili recipes – and ours!

Easy to make, feeds a crowd...yes, chili is the perfect party food! Season any chili to perfection by stirring in some TABASCO® Sauce – while you’re cooking and when you’re eating it, too! Need a fresh idea? Our chili recipes feature the unique, aged-pepper flavor of Original Red, the smoky goodness of our Chipotle Sauce, and the fresh jalapeño flavor of our Green Sauce.

3 Cheers for the Chili Bar!

Hot, flavorful chili with a choice of tasty toppings is a party-menu winner! Set out grated cheese, sour cream, avocado slices, pickled peppers & more – plus all of your favorite TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavors so guests can shake it right on. For an extra-hearty spread, serve foods to load the chili on, like corn chips, hot dogs & baked potatoes.

TABASCO® 7 Spice Chili Starter


Use our TABASCO® 7 Spice Chili Starter to make awesome-tasting chili quickly & easily!

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