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A Blitz of Buffalo Flavor!

Tailgating: From the parking lot to the backyard, on & off the grill.

Sack the bland and the boring once and for all. With just the right mix of the finest ingredients, our Buffalo Style Hot Sauce is your Most Valuable Flavor on game day. This tangy, mild hot sauce is so versatile! Spike marinades and basting sauces to add delicious, authentic Buffalo flavor to wings and other grilled meats. Plus it can pep up chili, jambalaya, sides and dips.

A recipe playbook packed with crowd-pleasers. These Buffalo Style Sauce recipes show you how to tailgate like a pro, with instructions for prepping at home so you can easily grill, heat, garnish and serve on-site. Tailgating is a team sport, so bring on the TABASCO® Buffalo Style Sauce and everyone wins!

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