Avery Island

Visit us soon! Bring the family, your travel club or your school group and explore it all, from our museum, factory, wildlife & culinary tours to our Cajun cuisine, cooking classes, shopping and more.

All Avery Island attractions open at 9 a.m. every day!
Begin your Avery Island adventure at our Visitors Center. The self-guided, 10-stop TABASCO® Tour will take you through the TABASCO® Museum, the greenhouse, the barrel warehouse and the factory building. Save your appetite and be ready to shop and taste your way through the last two stops on the tour, the TABASCO® Country Store and Restaurant 1868. You can buy tickets online or when you arrive on Avery Island.
  • TABASCO® Museum: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about McIlhenny Company, the McIlhenny family and their beloved Pepper Sauce. Fascinating exhibits, artifacts, videos & more.
  • Greenhouse Peppers: See our pepper plants in different stages of growth, from seedlings to maturing plants with peppers.
  • Barrel Warehouse: See where we age our pepper mash and learn about the process.
  • Blending: See the vats where our pepper mash becomes TABASCO® Sauce! Push a button to smell the intense pepper aromas.
  • Avery Island Experience: See the beauty of our island home and learn about its history.
  • Salt Mine Experience: Walk through a re-creation of an underground Avery Island salt mine cavern.
  • Bottling Line: View bottles of our Pepper Sauce flavors running on the line. See how many we produced that day so far and where in the world they are shipping to (Mon–Thurs only).
  • TABASCO® Today: Hug a giant bottle of your favorite TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavor and snap a selfie. Learn about our brand and the chefs we work with, and snap photos of some of our favorite TABASCO® recipes.
  • TABASCO® Country Store: Sample delicious snacks and foods seasoned with TABASCO® Sauce – and shop for everything TABASCO®, from kitchenware to sportswear!
  • Restaurant 1868: Time to indulge! Casual, cafeteria-style eatery serving spicy, authentic Cajun favorites and other South Louisiana foods – all seasoned with TABASCO® Sauce.
Barrel Warehouse Bottling Line TABASCO® Today TABASCO® Country Store Restaurant 1868
  • Culinary Tour

    Culinary Tour

    Sample Cajun cuisine & explore the rich culinary history & culture of Acadiana on a TABASCO® Culinary Tour. Tours leave the Country Store on Avery Island at 12:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday and typically last 3-3.5 hours. Advance reservations required. To make a reservation, Reserve online now or call 337-369-4223.

  • TABASCO® Tour - Guided Version

    TABASCO® Tour - Guided Version

    Want to be regaled with fascinating anecdotes, in-depth historical details and lots of “inside” information when you take the Visitors Center’s 10-stop TABASCO® Tour? Then let historian Shane K. Bernard, Ph.D., author of five books on South Louisiana history and culture, take you on the guided version of the tour.

    Fee: $200 for up to 20 participants. $10 per additional participant over 20. Advance reservations required (at least one week before tour date). The guided tour takes 1-1.5 hours. Reserve online now or email us.

  • Cooking Class with Lunch

    Cooking Class with Lunch

    To really bring South Louisiana cuisine to the table, sign up for a TABASCO® Culinary Cooking Class – which includes a sit-down lunch! Our instructor, TABASCO® Hospitality Chef Lionel Robin, introduces a variety of cooking techniques, from making Southern-style sauces to cooking seafood perfectly to crafting delicious homemade ice cream.

    Classes start every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Advance reservations required. Reserve online now or email us.

  • Jungle Gardens

    Jungle Gardens

    The wildest part of an Avery Island adventure is Jungle Gardens, a 170-acre semi-tropical preserve prized by naturalists, birdwatchers and everyday nature lovers. Take a guided Bird Tour (email us) or the self-guided tour (buy tickets online) through a breathtaking landscape of ancient oaks, showy seasonal blossoms, towering bamboo and mysterious waterways – all teeming with indigenous wildlife.

    For more on Jungle Gardens, visit Share your experiences and keep up with us on our Jungle Gardens Facebook page!