Avery Island Home of TABASCO®

Swamps and marshes surround Avery Island, Louisiana, the home of TABASCO® Sauce.

The home of world-famous TABASCO® Sauce, Avery Island, Louisiana, lies about 140 miles west of New Orleans. Surrounded by swamps and marshes, Avery Island is a mysteriously beautiful place where the pepper fields grow, the factory hums, and the McIlhenny family and their employees continue to live and work much as they have for generations.

An Island Made of Salt

This historical map shows Avery Island, a salt dome island that stands 163 feet above the flat Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Avery Island is one of five salt dome islands rising above the flat Louisiana Gulf Coast. These islands formed over the eons when alluvial sediment covered a vast plain of salt left behind by an ancient saltwater ocean. Surrounded by low-lying swamps and marshes, Avery Island stands at 163 feet above mean sea level.

A Natural Paradise

Avery Island is a botanical treasure, inhabited by indigenous plants and wildlife as well as by exotic plant species from around the world. It remains under the careful management and stewardship of the Avery and McIlhenny families.

Come On By!

We welcome visitors from all over the world on Avery Island. Join us for a full day of fun and flavor! Learn the Island’s history and see how we make and bottle TABASCO® Sauce. Sample spicy treats and shop in our Country Store. Take one of our fun tours, explore Jungle Gardens, and try Cajun food in Restaurant 1868. It’s all here on Avery Island!

Majestic oak trees cover Avery Island, a natural paradise and botanical treasure. Welcome sign outside the TABASCO® Visitors Center and Pepper Sauce factory