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Meet the Family!

Try all 7 of our Pepper Sauce Flavors.

Back in 1868, Edmund McIlhenny experimented with pepper seeds from Mexico (or somewhere in Central America) to create his own style of Louisiana hot sauce – our Original Red Sauce. Since then we’ve continued this tradition of exploration and experimentation, and today McIlhenny Company crafts seven unique and distinct flavors of sauce, each with its own variety of deliciousness. From mild to wild, there’s something for everyone!

Can’t find one of the pepper sauces in our Family of Flavors® at your local grocery? Buy them online, with lots of sizes to choose from (even a gallon jug!) at the TABASCO® Country Store.

More information about our Pepper Sauce flavors: Original Red, Green Jalapeño, Chipotle, Buffalo Style, Habanero, Garlic Pepper and SWEET & Spicy.

TABASCO® Family of Flavors®

TABASCO® brand Bloody Mary Mix

Like the drink’s original 1930s recipe:
our sauce plus other authentic ingredients.

TABASCO® Bloody Mary Mixes (Mildly Seasoned or Extra Spicy) are the only Bloody Mary Mixes made with TABASCO® Sauce. The same inimitable sauce used in America’s original Bloody Mary recipe, created at the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis in New York. So our mixes have the same kick that New Yorkers enjoyed in the 1930s!

And our mixes are still made from high-quality ingredients. No preservatives, stabilizers or extraneous flavorings: just the fresh, great-tasting essentials.

That’s why in addition to making the quintessential Bloody Mary, these non-alcoholic mixes can be enjoyed straight as a healthy morning breakfast drink.

Need some inspiration to liven up your signature recipe? Browse our Bloody Mary recipes. Cheers!

TABASCO® brand Bloody Mary Mix

TABASCO® Marinades & Condiments

Even our salt has that unique peppery punch!

Good news: we don’t just make pepper sauces. In fact, there is a delicious assortment of TABASCO® marinades and condiments, all spiced with our unique peppery flavor. We even make our own Spiced Salt!

Enhance the flavor of meats with our savory steak & marinating sauces. Taste exotic spices in our Caribbean Style Steak Sauce. Prefer a classic steak sauce sauce, with added flavor and heat? Pick up some TABASCO® brand Steak Sauce.

Imagine your other favorite condiments kicked up a notch. TABASCO® brand condiments include ketchup, mayo, mustard, barbecue sauce—even soy and teriyaki sauces. They make it easy to bring the TABASCO® flavor you love to most everything you eat! So why not make it all delicious?

TABASCO® Marinades & Condiments

Snacks and Favorite Foods

Taste how we improve everything we pair with.

Some foods just require Original Red Sauce flavor, and chili is one of them. Jump-start your next pot with our surefire Chili Starter. No one will know because it’ll taste like homemade. Just add browned ground beef and your other favorite chili ingredients.

Who likes bland and boring salsa? Not us! That’s why we pack flavor galore into our salsas. Nor does one flavor fit all, so they’re available in mild, spicy and chipotle flavors.

We also know how to garnish: a spicy pickle alongside a plated po-boy or a spicy bean in a Bloody Mary cocktail. Perk up any meal with delicious spicy olives, pickles, beans, jalapeño slices and, of course, a local favorite—okra. All made with the finest ingredients and perfectly spiced.

Think we can’t do sweet? Think again! Our cinnamon candies pop with a little extra punch. Visit Avery Island, Louisiana, and we’ll serve you some ice cream spiced ever so lightly with Pepper Sauce flavor, Cheez-Its or buy your own ice cream mix online. And our pepper jellies are a festive combination of sweet and spicy. Who knew we could kick up sweets with such delicious results?

We also team up with other food makers and spice a variety of foods with TABASCO® flavor. You’ll find our singular sizzle in Jelly Bellies®, Hot & Spicy Cheez-its®, Slim Jims, Sachs Peanuts and even SPAM®!

Snacks and favorite foods