Classic TABASCO® Books

The legends behind our label: an adventurous American family, an idyllic Gulf island and delectable Cajun cooking.

TABASCO®: An Illustrated History

A colorful feast of entrepreneurial spirit, family tradition and good eating!

The first behind-the-scenes look at our legendary company, TABASCO®: An Illustrated History chronicles how a southern Louisiana “craft” pepper sauce became an international taste sensation. This beautifully illustrated hardcover book contains never-before-seen images and covers uncharted territory in our history.

The book traces the origins of the McIlhenny family, makers of TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce. You’ll learn about the wildly adventurous lives of various relatives, how the success of TABASCO® Sauce made it a part of pop culture, as well as the unusual places TABASCO® Sauce has traveled – from Mt. Everest to Skylab. Find out which U.S. presidents couldn’t live without TABASCO®, and uncover the McIlhenny family’s traditional South Louisiana recipes like Crawfish Bisque and Chicken Fricassee – shared for the first time. You’ll even see the original handwritten recipe for TABASCO® Sauce by Edmund McIlhenny from circa 1868.

From our humble beginnings through today, TABASCO®: An Illustrated History captures the colorful spirit and unique history of TABASCO® Sauce. It provides history buffs, TABASCO® fans, food enthusiasts, and people in love with Cajun country with an illustrated history that celebrates it all, and then some.

Written and compiled by Dr. Shane K. Bernard, historian and curator for McIlhenny Company, TABASCO®: An Illustrated History is the only title currently sanctioned by McIlhenny Company. More about the book and its author.

TABASCO®: An Illustrated History

Eula Mae’s Cajun Kitchen

Cooking through the seasons on Avery Island

Cajun cooking is rooted in the lush bayou country of South Louisiana known as Acadiana. And in the heart of this area rich with culture and full of flavor sits Avery Island, Louisiana, which was Eula Mae Doré’s home for most of her life. It is also the home of the McIlhenny family and their world-famous TABASCO® Sauce, and the setting for this Cajun cookbook based on Eula Mae’s down-home know-how.

Eula Mae was an entirely self-taught Cajun cook who was determined to duplicate the local Cajun dishes that her mother and grandmother prepared when she was a child. She cooked for several generations of the McIlhenny family, as well as for friends, visitors and employees of McIlhenny Company.

Eula Mae’s Cajun Kitchen reflects the rhythm of life and the seasons on Avery Island, with menus built around celebrations like Island Mardi Gras, Morning-After Brunch and August Fishing Trip. The more than 100 recipes are compiled with Marcelle Bienvenu, a recognized authority on Cajun cooking. In addition to her authentic recipes, Eula Mae shares her practical, personal tips on how to create an authentic Cajun meal, as well as joyous recollections of her fun and fares with the McIlhenny family.

Eula Mae’s Cajun Kitchen

The History of Jungle Gardens

Our neighboring botanical treasure and bird sanctuary

Jungle Gardens, a must-see for anyone who visits Avery Island, Louisiana, is a 170-acre garden with semitropical foliage, abundant wildlife and a centuries-old Buddha statue. Visitors enjoy strolling along a path covered by gnarled oaks laced with Spanish moss.

A beautifully illustrated hardcover book, The History of Jungle Gardens is another way to visit this ecological jewel on Avery Island. It tells the story of both the natural history and farsighted preservation of Jungle Gardens, originally the private gardens of TABASCO® heir Edward Avery McIlhenny. This book contains previously unpublished, archival, black-and-white images dating primarily from the 1890s through the 1940s. These images and present-day color photographs portray the abundant flowers and wildlife in the garden – azaleas, bamboo, alligators, snowy egrets and more.

Learn about the exotic and native plants in the garden. Trace the origin of “Bird City,” home to thousands of snowy egret birds, and read about how it revived South Louisiana’s egret population. This book will bring a fascinating little piece of our home to yours.

The History of Jungle Gardens