McIlhenny Company Press Releases

McIlhenny Company Gulf Coast Statement

August 11, 2010 – McIlhenny Company is greatly encouraged by the recent news that the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico has been stopped. And we want to continue to reassure our loyal customers that the quality of TABASCO® Pepper Sauce has not and will not be affected by this oil spill.

The marshes surrounding Avery Island have not seen any of the effects from the oil spill, nor has the area’s wildlife (fish, game and birds). For those interested in visiting Avery Island – including Jungle Gardens and Bird City – it remains unaffected by this situation in the Gulf.

And while we are relieved by these recent positive developments, we acknowledge that the situation remains serious for our coastal neighbors who rely on the Gulf waters for their well-being and livelihood. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to those in our Gulf Coast community impacted so greatly by this ongoing situation.

If you would like to help the Gulf Coast in any capacity, whether through donation or volunteering, we are directing inquiries to the following organizations:

America’s Wetland Foundation

Audubon Society

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana