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When you’re on the go, access our mobile site with your smartphone or tablet to learn more about McIlhenny Company and our Pepper Sauce Family of Flavors® – all seven of them!

You can:

  • Learn all about each of our seven delicious Pepper Sauce flavors.
  • Browse our Tasty Tips to learn new ways TABASCO® Sauce can enhance foods and drinks – from cocktails to appetizers to dessert!
  • Read fun and historical tidbits about TABASCO® and our Avery Island home.
TABASCO® on Insagram


Follow us on Instagram at for a rare glimpse into life on Avery Island, the history of our famous Pepper Sauce brand, and more!

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Our Twitter profile,, is a fun source for recipes and other types of TABASCO® information. Follow us to keep up with all things TABASCO®!

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Our Facebook page,, is for anyone who loves TABASCO®. Fans are sharing their stories and how they use TABASCO® Sauce. Like us and share yours!

TABASCO® on Pinterest


Our Pinterest boards, available at, will inspire you to create delectable dishes and drinks featuring our Pepper Sauce flavors.

TABASCO® on YouTube


At our YouTube Channel,, you can watch how we handcraft our world-famous Pepper Sauce and get expert tips on seasoning foods with our Family of Flavors®.

Ever shop at our famous TABASCO® Country Store on Avery Island? Well this site is your online TABASCO® Country Store – a TABASCO®-lover’s paradise! These digital aisles are stacked with all seven of our TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavors (in a range of sizes) as well as a wide array of TABASCO® products. There’s something for everyone!

You can:

  • Shop online for TABASCO® products – from Gallon Jugs of Pepper Sauce to TABASCO® bar and kitchen accessories, snacks and candies, gift items, luggage and apparel – and have them shipped to your doorstep.
  • Request a catalog to be mailed to you.
  • Order gifts and have them shipped directly to the recipient!
International TABASCO® Websites

International Websites

In addition to all of the information presented here on, please visit our various international websites and Facebook pages for more about TABASCO® in your part of the world.

TABASCO® Foodservice

Our Foodservice website,, is for restaurant and foodservice professionals.

You’ll find:

  • Information about TABASCO® products and how to utilize them both front- and back-of-house.
  • Over 2,000 recipes that’ll inspire chefs and assist in the development of exciting and boldly flavored menu items.
  • How to order information – product specifications and broker/distributor contact information.
TABASCO® Ingredients

Our Industrial Ingredients website,, is for food manufacturers and food manufacturing professionals.

You’ll find:

  • Information about TABASCO® Ingredient formulations available for use in food manufacturing.
  • Test formulas that show how our Ingredient formulations might be used in various types of manufactured foods.
  • Examples of existing co-branded food items already being produced using our Ingredient formulations and our co-branding criteria.
  • A listing of domestic and international brokers.